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27/08/2015 · With the new tank timeline in the 60s, we can get some interessing vehicles from the early coldwar. Here is one of them, the soviet airbone tank hunter ASU-85. In 1951 started the developpement of a light assault gun based on the amphibious vehicle PT-76. The first prototype was finished during t. War Thunder player stats. ASU-85 / statistics for the last 1 month. These may be very different from the real, because we are monitoring only those players who use our site.

Skins and camouflages for the SU-85 series from live.. References. Read also. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example, reference to the series of the vehicles; links to approximate analogues of. 12/12/2016 · I was getting ready for object 906 and was spading ASU-85. I was often passed by heavy tanks and other tanks. it also has a pitiful zoom. I think its deserves a higher magnification as it is needed on it. It is slow, and made of paper. It is ineffective to flank with it. Its only advantage is its. 19/12/2018 · Im spading the ASU-85 in RB. The stock AP ammo is excellent and capable of 2200m kills on Panther A and equivalent tanks. I am still looking forward to its HEATFS rounds. The stock speed is pleasing in forward gear,providing it is on firm,level ground. However,it is very slow to reverse,and its t.

Hi there! What difference does the rangefinding module do? I mean, I unlicked it on my ASU-85 - my max findable range has not increased one meter its currently at 1060, nor its rangefinding speed. What is the purpose of the module, then? Nothing changed in my rangefinding at all - and this was. 21/10/2018 · mince, je viens de réaliser pourquoi le ASU-85 est si peu cher à réparer. Cest devenu une vrai xxx. Je navais pas joué ce char depuis longtemps, et je constate quil a été nerfé de façon très massive. Surtout au niveau des moteurs. il est encore moins mobile quun ferdinand, cest peu dire. Il lui.

07/02/2017 · Since theres not much info on this tank on the web, Im just gonna make a short resume here for anyone having any kind of expectations out of it, like I had. Short resume of the tank: A pile of trash with a nice gun sticking out of it. General notes about the tank: THE GOOD: - It has a good gun. 15/06/2016 · Just grinding for mine now, About 1/3rd the way there. I was wondering for anyone whos got it, How well does it stack up? 24/11/2017 · Witam czytających. Dlaczego Asu-85 jest taki drogi? Przecież jest 2x droższy od swojego następcy. Zazwyczaj następca jest droższy lub czasem nawet w tej samej cenie co poprzednik. The ASU-57 stayed in service in the Soviet Airborne Forces for around 20 years before being replaced by the ASU-85. The ASU-57 was also given out to the Soviet Union's allies from 1960s to 70s. Such included Egypt, East Germany, North Korea, Poland, Sahrawi. L'ASU-85 est basé sur le PT-76, déjà familier des joueurs de War Thunder. Pour réduire les dimensions et augmenter la compacité, l'ASU-85 n'a pas de tourelle et.

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27/11/2019 · The su-100p seems like a much worse vehicle in overalls so why does it have higher br than the Asu-85. Description. The SU-85A is a gift rank II Soviet tank destroyer with a battle rating of 4.0 AB/RB/SB. This vehicle was offered as a reward during the 2018 Festive Quest event. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today.

The ASU-57 – aviadesantnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka, or air-landing self-propelled gun – will be a new addition to the Soviet light tank line and will be situated before the PT-76 on the tree. The ASU-57 is one of the most unusual vehicles that has been added to War Thunder. With the right ammunition between AP and the APCR, the SU-85M is a very good vehicle in the role of a sniper and ambusher. Weary tanks will pop out of corners, unhappy to see a SU-85M locked and loaded. The SU-85M can also be used as a long range sniper due to the 85 mm's good velocity and damage, which could destroy vehicles in just one shot. This site uses We recommend the following browsers Select Language Site search Donate. ASU-85; General info. Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the cannon or machine gun. Available shells. Describe the shells that are available for the cannon and their features and purpose. If it concerns autocannons or machine guns, write about different ammo belts and what is inside which types of shells. Comparison. Update 1.85; Update 1.85 is here on 17 December 2018, introducing two new aspects into War Thunder The Italians now have their own ground forces tech tree! Supersonic jets are now in the game for Rank VI aircraft! Starting with the F-100D in the Americans, MiG-19PT for.

The perfect WarThunder ASU85 Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. In the game, the ASU-85 takes the role of a light and mobile support SPG: Although the 85mm cannon has an ammo complement of just 39 rounds, it can fire with improved post-war ammunition. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state,. War Thunder player stats. Статистика по АСУ-85 за 1 месяц. Эта статистика собирается по игрокам заходившим на наш сайт и не может применяться для указания на проблемы разработчикам, так как не является.

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19/07/2016 · I actually take the ASU-85 over my T-54 model 1951 a lot. The HEATFS is very good for the gun, the BR is great, quite ballanced due to the terrible armor, and it stands a chance sniping in 7.7 matches not to mention it does have the highest HEATFS muzzle velocity for the Soviets, but only by 50m/s and the stock rounds are still great if needed.</plaintext></p> <h3>ASU-85 Review - Light Vehicles - War Thunder</h3> <p>Para reducir sus dimensiones y aumentar su solidez, el ASU-85 no recibió torreta giratoria. Su potente cañón se instaló directamente en el casco. Externamente, esto hace al ASU parecido a otros cañones autopropulsados, reduce su perfil, permite a su tripulación trabajar en condiciones más cómodas y acelerar el tiempo de recarga del cañón. 1. клиент Не правильное размещение шкурок камуфляжа на стволе АСУ-85. 2. Всегда при попытке применить любой из доступных для АСУ-85 камуфляжей. 3.. cdn-live. 230mmも貫通力あって威力も高くて素晴らしい。でも、未改修だからか陣地転換しにくくて、速度も虎Ⅱに負けるくらいしかなく、リロードも若干遅めだからちょっともどかしい。.</p> <p>© 2009—2019 by Gaijin Network Ltd. 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